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  • Furnace Inspection, Service and Install
  • septic systems
  • Plumbing Fixture Repair and Replace
  • Hot Water Heater Repair and Replace
  • preventative Maintenance
  • in floor heating
  • underground sprinkler systems
  • Water Softeners and Water Quality
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
  • Air Conditioning Inspection,Service, and Installation
  • Ritchie cattle waterer

We're a full-service plumbing solution. no matter how small or how large your plumbing problem, we've got a fix for you.


After more than 45 years of servicing West Central Minnesota  we're proud to say Grossman & Trump Inc. is at your service day or night. We have experienced technicians on-call 24/7 because no one decides when they have a plumbing problem. From routine maintenance to burst pipes, we're here to help.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

 Plumbing & Heating Services

When drains and sewer lines backup its very frustrating. There are different reasons for clogs.  Tree roots, grease, femanine products, in smaller lines like lavatory sinks, tubs and showers its usually hair and soap buildup. In kitchen sinks, it is food from the disposal and grease, these are the most common reasons.

Plumbing Repair


There are a lot of old houses around and a lot of them have plumbing that breaks!

​When a pipe bursts in your home or office it can result in major damage, and endless headaches. You need a plumbing company you can count on to get the job done

Full Service
Plumbing & Heating

Leak Detection


If any of the pipes in your home have a leak (including gas pipes), give us a call.

​​​The New DairyMaster 8  

specifically designed for dairies



It is important that your heating system is maintained throughout the year to ensure it runs efficiently when you need it the most


Bathroom Plumbing


Plumbing's not always glorious. If you have a bathroom issue, reach out and let us know.